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COVID Safety Essentials

10 COVID Safety Essentials to Stock Up On

Now more than ever, safety has become everybody’s priority. With the Philippines still among the countries recording the highest cases of COVID, personal safety and hygiene are indeed responsibilities that fall on everybody. Along with getting vaccinated, see that you and your family are prepared and protected in the new normal by observing health protocols outside and inside your home.


To help guard your loved ones’ health, we rounded up a list of COVID safety essentials you should stock up on. Shop for these items today from the safety of your own home!


1. Make sure that your family is safe from airborne viruses with a smart air purifier! Guaranteed to add another layer of protection, this robotic air purifier moves around your house leaving no space uncleaned.


Health Guard Robotic Air Purifier


Health Guard Robotic Air Purifier (Php 28,999)


2. Safe and quiet, this stylish humidifier helps provide relief from cold and flu symptoms, so your family can rest and sleep well through the night.


Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier (Blue)


Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier (Blue) (Php 3,999.75)


3. Use a reliable disinfectant spray to eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses that may cause illness to your family. Opt for scented disinfectants to leave your house smelling fresh and nice.


Lysol Disinfectant Spray Fresh Blossoms 340g


Lysol Disinfectant Spray Fresh Blossoms 340g (Php 439.75)


Solbac Disinfectant Spray Fresh Linen 300g

4. If you need a hard-working disinfectant to keep all areas of your house safe from germs, opt for a multi-purpose cleaner that can sanitize your kitchen, toilets, sink, floor tiles, and other surfaces.


Defenz Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 1Gallon

Defenz Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 1 Gallon (Php 349.75)


5. With the pandemic making sanitation mats a common sight in malls, it’s certainly a good move if you choose to follow suit and buy one for your home.


Sanitation Mat With Tray & Pellets 15x22in

Sanitation Mat with Tray & Pellets 15x22in (Php 599.75)


6. Needless to say, alcohol should be a must-have household item. Buy a gallon to make sure you never run out of supply.


Hygienix Alcohol With Moisturizer 250ml Spray

Ethyl Alcohol with Moisturizer 250ml Spray (Php69.75)


Hygienix Ethyl Alcohol 70 % 1 Gallon

Hygienix Ethyl Alcohol 70% 1 Gallon (Php 571.50)


7. Does your family always suffer from colds and respiratory allergies? Have a trusted inhaler handy to give them instant relief from nasal congestion. Inhalers are cheap and usually come in small, compact sizes, so you can buy one for each member of your family.


Vicks Inhaler

Vicks Inhaler (Php 79)


8. Today, even the thought of having a simple sore throat has become quite alarming as it’s been identified as a possible symptom of COVID. Use an effective throat spray or antiseptic mouthwash to treat sore throats and mouth sores before they get worse. These products also kill germs and bacteria in the mouth for a fresher breath.


BETADINE® 0.45% Throat Spray 50mL

BETADINE 0.45% Throat Spray 50ml (Php 556.50)


Povidone-Iodine BETADINE® 1% Oral Antiseptic Solution Gargle 500ml

Povidone-Iodine BETADINE 1% Oral Antiseptic Solution Gargle 500ml (Php 556.50)


9. Essentially the most important item on this list, you should always have a stock of face masks in your house, car, and bag to ensure that you always have them available. Face masks have become trendy over the past two years that now they come in various types and sizes.


Kids Face Masks 30 pieces with Box

Kids Face Masks 30 Pieces with Box (Php 250)


2-Ply Face Mask (Assorted)

2-Ply Face Mask (Assorted) (Php 59)


3-Ply Face Mask (Assorted)

3-Ply Face Mask (Assorted) (Php 59)


Disposable Healmed Face Masks (3pcs per pack)

Disposable HealMed Face Masks (3 pcs per pack) (Php 79)


10. While bar soaps are always a good choice for handwashing, you may want to treat your family to something better. Scented liquid hand soaps wash away dirt and germs while keeping your hands moisturized and smelling great!


The Bath Lab Hand Soap 1L (Lavender)

The Bath Lab Hand Soap 1L (Lavender) (Php 99)


Safeguard Liquid Handsoap Lemon Fresh 225ml

Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap Lemon Fresh 225ml (Php 90)



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